Well, I have an aptitude test tomorrow afternoon for the internal vacancy I applied for a few weeks back. If I pass this (which I’m *reasonably* confident about) I get an interview (which I’m rather less confident about but still think my chances are good).

But, during the ‘I have to get out of this job’ angst which set in just after I put in my application, I also cast my eyes around outside my current employer, and applied for a job which just sounded like something I would enjoy. The closing date was two and a half weeks ago, and I’d come to the conclusion I’d been rejected and could focus on my internal transfer. Then, late on Saturday evening, I got home to find a large, fat A4 envelope from the external employer (it’s a university) and correctly divined that this would be an invitation to interview. A week on Tuesday, in fact.

So now I’m in a bit of a panic. Viewed objectively, the external move is unwise financially. It’s quite a drop in pay, pension and maternity pay are not so good (altho not bad) and being in central London it will cost more to travel to w*rk. On the other hand, it has the following good points:

It looks like being mostly tasks I enjoy doing, and feel competent in.
I think it would be a great environment to work in.
It might be a foot in the door to a career I’ve often contemplated, but never actually proceeded with.
I would only have to give my current employer a month’s notice (this is very attractive because if I proceed down the internal vacancy route, I’m going to be in my current role until at least September, quite possibly months after this).

I fully appreciate that it’s great to be in a position of having options. It’s just that I said I’d push a door and see what happened, and now I’ve got scared.

Anyway, I should know tomorrow whether I got through the aptitude test, and I’ll update then.

3 thoughts on “Yikes

  1. Prayers ascending from Down Under. God bless, and look forward to hearing the update.

  2. Good luck – thinking of you and hoping it goes well, and you get the right outcome eventually.

  3. Look on the positive side – whichever job you end up with it’ll work out better than the Mayoral election did.

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