Update: Frank Spencer meets Victor Meldrew

Well, I promised to update you.

I was on early shift today, and arrived at w*rk at 6:50am, knowing that, as crime sadly doesn’t stop for Bank Holidays, there’d be loads of stuff to read through this morning. I was not disappointed. Plus, due to the joys of political neutrality, when I logged onto the internal computer network I was greeted by the intranet headline ‘Commissioner congratulates Johnson on Mayoral victory’. Just to make my morning complete.

I eventually left the office, having left an email explaining to my colleagues what I hadn’t had time to do, and feeling very bad about this as I’m on a course tomorrow.

I travelled the three stops on the tube, and arrived at HQ with about forty minutes to spare, just enough time to grab a rather dull tuna and salad sandwich (there were some delicious-looking/smelling hot dishes on offer, but I figured I wouldn’t have time, and would be sleepy and heartburny for the afternoon if I indulged). I located a loo, then located another loo which didn’t have builders taking it apart, and eventually parked myself in the lobby of the room we had been directed to (the room being currently occupied). Just as I was beginning to panic, other folk started turning up and asking ‘are you here for the H***** test?. The test was scheduled to begin at 12:30. At about 12:28 someone turned up to tell us that the lady organising the test was delayed, and would be with us in about 10 minutes. In about 15 minutes this lady arrived, peered into the room (which was still occupied) and announced that she would have to go and organise us another room. About ten minutes later she returned, very apologetically, to announce that there were no rooms to be had.

So the test was cancelled.

It’s now been rescheduled for 23rd May, ten whole days after I have my other interview. Life is getting very confusing. Thank you for your good wishes (and good point, lanark!)

Oh, my course tomorrow? Assertiveness Skills. Tee hee.