Spectacular flashing at Beulah Hill …

Earlier this evening, and finally we’ve had some rain. I confess, I stuck my head out of the back door (which was open to try and get some breeze to break up the insufferable sticky heat). I’m currently still feeling uncomfortably warm, but hoping the bedroom, with both windows flung open, will be cooler. Erm, can you tell that, heretic that I am, I hate the hot weather? While colleagues check BBC Weather and exclaim ’28 degrees by Friday, yesss!’, I can be found groaning and muttering darkly about emigrating to Greenland.

Spike and I were away for the weekend, and this post was going to be called ‘A Secud Class Returd to Dottigham, Please’ in homage to that dreadful 70s ad for menthol-medicated <scary John Cleese-esque cut-glass accent> Tuuuunes (help you breathe more easily). I liked Nottingham. I saw the statue of Robin Hood and visited the beautiful gardens of the castle. Sadly I didn’t see, let alone shoot, any sheriffs*. But I didn’t stay very long because it was too frickin’ hot.

* Top Five Sheriffs of Nottingham:
1) Alan Rickman (swooon) in Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves – ‘And cancel Christmas!’
2) Tony Robinson in Maid Marian and Her Merry Men – damn, that show was wasted on kid’s TV. It must be on replay somewhere?
3, 4,5) Err, can’t think of any more. I haven’t really thought this through …

Meanwhile, I’m working on sorting out all kinds of things – of which more later. But, since it’s weather-themed, one thing I have been doing is getting a ten-minute walk every day. Until this week, when I find myself thwarted by the heat. I’d quite happily walk if it didn’t mean boiling and sweating. If I could walk somewhere air-conditioned. I’m wondering how many brisk laps of my local Sainsbury’s I could do before either I’d done ten minutes, or I got spotted and ejected by security.

I have a feeling David Icke rode a bike, but I’m not entirely sure.

3 thoughts on “Spectacular flashing at Beulah Hill …

  1. Mmm.. what is it about the Sheriff of Nottingham which makes him so watch-worthy?

    You forgot the knee-wobblingly gorgeous Sheriff from the recent Robin Hood series on TV. Now what was the actor’s name? Oh dear, I’m just going to have to watch the DVD again to find out!

    (My boys think I watch it because I like films about archery and derring-do. Phah!)

  2. David Icke did indeed ride a bike, unlike Johhny Marr (he played guitar). I was astonished to discover the video doesn’t appear to be on YouTube though – I thought everything ever filmed was there!!

    Smudgie, the Sheriff in the recent BBC Robin Hood is played by Keith Allen, isn’t he? Did you mean him, or his very handsome sidekick guy that seems to make a lot of ladies go wobbly-kneed? (I can’t remember his name either, I just know that he is very popular with the ladies and therefore I hate him. Jealous much?)

  3. Oh yes, I am afraid that watching Robin Hood-Men in Tights the other evening with my eldest had somehow confused the issue in my memory (I blame my age!). It was Sir (mmmmmmm) Guy who had my knees a-wobbling, not the Sheriff at all.

    Of course, Steve, you would come a very close second. ;o)

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