I am a vacancy! I am a free woman!

… well, nearly. After being offered a new job (internal transfer) on June 3rd, it was finally confirmed at the beginning of last week that I am leaving my current post on 29th August. I’d heard rumours that this was so, but I then checked our staff planner for September and found that in the line where my name is for this month, the row had been greyed out and marked with the wonderful ‘v’ word. Until this time, I *thought* I was going to be spending the first week of September learning my way around the new department, then starting the four-week training course on the 8th. Now it turns out the course has been brought forward a week, so off I go on the 1st. I’m looking forward to being a student for a wee while, except for the fact that the college has a postcode that starts with NW, and I have a postcode that starts with SE. Those with an understanding of the vastness and postcodery of London may understand why This Is Not a Good Thing. Ah well, four weeks of 3.30pm finishes and no shifts. Meanwhile – two weeks left in the current post. Of which three days are Annual Leave and one is a Bank Holiday. Woohoo!

In other news, I’ve mentioned before about how I’ve been struggling, and veering between I Should Get Help and I Should Pull Up My Big Girl* Panties and Deal. Well, it seems I shall be doing both. With the encouragement of my new, nice-but-scary GP, I’ve had an initial appointment with a counsellor, as this is available to me via w*rk. We’re due to start a course of sessions at the beginning of October.

*The counsellor asked me, among many things I wouldn’t post here, how I felt about my weight. I told her. I didn’t go off on one about our stupid flesh-denying society and how pissed off I am to think that that is the first thing anyone notices about me, and the likely cause of All My Problems. I’ll come back to that. All I need to say at the moment is that something seemed to go click about a month ago, and I have started losing** weight.

** Yes, it’s only one ‘o’, people! The pedants will not go quietly. Or discretely.

4 thoughts on “I am a vacancy! I am a free woman!

  1. I hope the counsellor you’re matched with proves as valuable as the one who helped me through a difficult patch. She taught me so much – and that more by getting me to realise it than by saying it herself.

    I’ll be thinking of you.

  2. Hurrah for the new job, and prayers for your sessions with the counsellor; as Smudgie wrote, I too found mine ever-so-helpful: I pray for the same for you.

  3. Yes I did too (find my counsellor helpful that is). There seems to be a theme emerging here.

    I’ve been holding off talking about weight as I don’t quite feel brave enough. I shall think about weighty bloggage vicariously through your blog until I feel a bit braver! Well done on the 6lbs by the way – that’s nearly 1/2 a stone!

  4. Hello sis, just wanted to tell you I love you. That’s all. 🙂 (well, that and hurrah and well done and stuff, but mostly just that I love you)

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