Still here, still moaning

I’m really hoping this is going to work – this big old dashboard thing looks way to complimacated …

Anyway, yes, life goes on, I’m still feeling stuck in many ways and tempted to just wallow, but I declare myself a ‘Restricted Wallowing Only’ zone. The most pressing thing for me at the moment is trying to sort out the house – our tenancy is due for renewal at the beginning of August and our landlord wants to cancel the agency agreement and enter into a tenancy agreement directly with us. We’re fine with this, but I’m just angsting about a) getting the agreement sorted and b) getting the house straight because it seems quite likely they might want to come and have a look for the first time in the three years we’ve been here. So I’ve decided to make house-sorting my main focus for the next few weeks, and am off to start another crash clean/declutter mission at 2pm 🙂

Positively, Spike is loving working for himself and the work is starting to come in recently. My new job, which I’ve been doing for over eight months now, has been a real culture shock in a good way. I won’t say more at present as I’ll only get bogged down and not get on with my housework! But on that note, why is it that I find it impossible at home to sit down and read for 15 minutes, then put the book away, but can do it fine on the train home? Maybe I need to record myself an announcement ‘The next station is … the washing-up. We are now approaching … the washing-up’

One thought on “Still here, still moaning

  1. Hurrah! Wondrous to hear from you again via the Wibsite.

    Prayers and best wishes for the tenancy agreements.

    Hurrah for Spike and work.

    And hurrah for good news on a good job: and happy reading when you can.

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